Tomatoes, Clothes Pegs

12 Sep

summer 025

Been ill with flu this week, so today two simple shots that I took in the garden this morning.

Some cherry tomatoes (above) which we have been growing from seed collected from some particularly good tomatoes bought at Sainsbury’s earlier this year.  I doubt the Lords Sainsbury had that purpose in mind when they put them on shelf but no matter.  They are called ‘Vittoria’ and although there are plenty of young fruit, they’ve been taking their sweet time to ripen.  I hope they get it over and done with before the cold weather sets in for good.

And some clothes pegs on the line. I know it’s only gravity at work, but they seemed so disciplined hanging there on the line, one after the other, that they reminded me of toy soldiers waiting for a young emperor’s command.

summer 033

Speaking of rulers, I was interested to discover that a pair of spiders has been turning a corner of the garden into small, silken empire. Pity the unsuspecting insect that enters that territory.  I’ll post photos if I can get something on a dewy morning.

With an old woman’s wheezes,



One Response to “Tomatoes, Clothes Pegs”

  1. Sham September 15, 2009 at 10:21 am #

    Never knew the artistic – or military – potential of clothes pegs. Will think in battle formations now when hanging out the washing. Love the pics.

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