Everything’s Jammy

25 Sep

Amusing piece by Sarah Vine in The Times yesterday about the resurgence of jam-making in Britain:

My mother, who came of age in the late Sixties, would far rather spend September soaking up the last of the summer’s rays with a gin and tonic than slaving over a hot pot, skimming off froth and washing endless sticky muslins.

For her generation, jam-making was an activity that only bored housewives on Valium and the fiercer members of the Women’s Institute indulged in. It was laborious, exhausting, just another redundant domestic activity that she was only too glad to be shot of.

How curious then, that in this fully liberated age, home-made jams appear to be enjoying a resurgence…

There’s a fine line between old-fashioned and retro-chic, and jam-making appears to have crossed it.

The full article includes recipes, from the WI Book of Preserves, that use  blackberries, crab apples, damsons and rose hips. Remember, however, that you read about blackberrying and jam-making on this blog first.  (Sometimes I am so on trend I stun even myself.)


One Response to “Everything’s Jammy”

  1. Louise from Growing Apple Trees December 26, 2009 at 6:51 pm #

    Good post, I’ve just started up a blog website and I’ve started creating rather varied articles. Would you object if I blog about this blog? Of course I will provide you and this site due credit.

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