Pavilion? What Pavilion?

2 Oct

I know I told you the other day that I’d visit the intriguing pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park before it comes down and on Tuesday I set out to do just that but, as my former Sunday School teachers would say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

In this instance I became completely and utterly distracted by the rose garden close to Hyde Park Corner, which I have barely looked at all summer long.  What’s more, the light was  perfect and as I wandered from flower bed to flower bed with my camera, thoughts of the pavilion fell away.

First there were the roses.  I’m a terrible sucker for blousy ones like this – they’re right up there with Green and Black’s, a glass of dry white and a weepy rom-com. Ok, maybe not the rom-com but Colin Firth swimming in the lake at Pemberley, certainly.

summer 047

Then there were Japanese anemones (A. hupehensis), which are on their way out now – yes, we’re that far into autumn. The flowers on these were pink but I far prefer the white and so have removed the colour from the pictures in order to have my way.

Japanese anemone 1

I am particularly fond of the shapes their stems and spent flower heads form. Aren’t they gorgeous? Quite unexpected, too. There’s a metaphor for life somewhere in that, I expect.  They are sometimes called windflowers, a name deriving from the Greek anemone – meaning wind, not flower, obviously.  The name is quite fitting.

Anemone heads

On, then, to a regular daisy; there’s a tattiness in this one that’s rather appealing.


And a picture of one of the flower beds thrown in for good measure.

Hyde park garden

Now all that remains is to find that pavilion.


One Response to “Pavilion? What Pavilion?”

  1. maureen October 7, 2009 at 7:13 pm #

    Led down the garden path, weren’t you? Any idea what those roses were? A David Austin variety perhaps?

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