7 Oct

Camilla Meijer

Beautiful wallpaper from Camilla Meijer, a super designer whom I met at 100% Design last week.  Camilla aims to bring the outdoors inside, which, in case you were wondering, is not about wearing muddy boots on a thick pile carpet but is rather interiors-speak for introducing natural elements to decorating schemes.

Semantics aside, I love the fact that she draws inspiration from walks through London’s parks and gardens before drawing up her designs by hand.

I am astounded by the way plants and flowers find a way to flourish in such an enormous urban setting like London. London is a wonderfully green city thanks to the parks and other green spaces, but people’s gardens and other unexpected places produce yet more beautiful examples of flora. Everywhere I look I seem to find inspiration. I capture these images I see around me and use them to create my work.


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