Holy Cow

16 Oct

Mysore cow

Ha!  I knew I had a picture of a south Indian cow somewhere (see yesterday’s post) and after rummaging through my files found this one, which was taken in Mysore. Cute, isn’t she?

There is something rather flattering about a friendly cow and being able to pat one is the cherry on top, since they usually amble away or shake their heads before you reach them. I distinctly recall patting a similar but much more decorated cow in Mumbai – it left me with a charming deposit of saliva, cud and indigo- and magenta-coloured dye all over my arm for the rest of the day. Not what one expects from a well-intentioned scratch behind the ears.  It does however bring me to this picture, also from Mysore:

Mysore 1

And this one, from the market in that city:

Mysore 2

Shoreditched-based designer Ella Doran has, I think, used a similar but better picture of bangles to good effect on a tray or cushion cover.  I love the exquisite place mats, blinds, cushion covers, mugs and such she produces, and her shop is worth a visit. If you can’t travel all the way to east London, read her blog here.

Finally, just because I can, a garland maker in Pondicherry:

Pondicherry seller


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