Spring Forward; Fall Back

3 Nov

autumn 006

The clocks went back  here last week but I’ve yet to change the time on my mobile phone.  It’s not through negligence.  Oh no.  It is, in fact,  a cunning plan through which I hope to deceive myself into going to bed at a more reasonable hour and waking earlier,  in the hope of achieving a head start on the day.

Does it sound desperate? Probably.  Admit me to the Maudsley if you wish;  I do not care, since so far it’s working rather well, especially so in the mornings when, half asleep, I look at the phone and think, ‘Oh, goodness! It’s eight-thirty. Get-up-get-up-get-up’.

The shower is usually turned on by the time the cogs have turned sufficiently for me realise I’m an hour ahead, by which moment it’s too late – I’m out of bed.


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