Catching Up

7 Apr

Shall I let you in on a  secret? There is a very useful tool on these WordPress dashboards.  It is a function that allows you to write a string of blog posts, save them, and set WordPress to post them at a date of your choosing.

I have been toying with the idea of using this, of settling down one Sunday afternoon and taking care of a month’s writing in one sitting, for some time now. It would certainly be convenient and spare you the frustration of seeing stale pages for days on end but, somehow, to the small percentage of perfectionist in me, being so efficient feels like cheating. And surely you would know.

Wouldn’t you?

No.  We  Hamblys are made of sterner stuff and from now on I resolve to be more regular in my posting. “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well,” our Grandpa Fred always used to say.

It does fall on me to add, however, that I have  thought of you often this past month while I have been holed up, working in-house on someone else’s Mac, and unable to do my usual amount of blogging.

My head has been ticking over with all sorts of things, though. This is some of what’s been on my mind:

A pretty, patterned blouse and cashmere jumper that I bought from Traid recently in the name of research for this.  I have also popped up here and, golly, even here.

The roses. Oh! The roses.  I know every gardener has their own take on pruning but I suspect I have been a little too enthusiastic with the lopper-thingys too late in the season. If ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ does put in an appearance this summer, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Butter biscuits and whether it’s appropriate to use a recently acquired reindeer biscuit cutter in April.  What do you think?  At last count – last week – I had 19 different cutters and I haven’t bought a single one of them.  I think my friends are hinting.

Rare-breed chickens and whether they would survive Brixton’s pitbulls and foxes, not to mention my landlords. Probably not.

Whether spring will ever arrive properly.

Treacle, the Newfoundland dog, who is giving my fella a run for his money. ‘Look,’ said Fella the other day. ‘I don’t say I don’t do this but I bet Treacle makes awful smells in bed.’

The picture of the daffodils was taken inside Blythburgh church, Suffolk, last weekend.


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