New year, new start

13 Jan

And so it is that I’m back.  After leaving you on a cliff hanger in May last year, promising  Irish holiday snaps and Chelsea thoughts, I’ve fallen off the edge of the earth, swum my round and have popped up – ta da – in the new year. I am, once again, your loyal blogger, here to rescue you from an online malaise like a St Bernard appearing to fallen climbers with a barrel of brandy around its neck.

The big news is that I have moved from my beloved Brixton to the heart of Gloucestershire, in order to take up a lovely job in a town which I’m sure has the highest incidence of Barbour jackets in the land. And Hunter Wellington boots. And jodhpurs.  And riding crops. Actually, I think  I’ll stop there before my fella gets any ideas.

[Have you noticed that I have started a lot of sentences with ‘and’? This is because I know I would never get away with that at work, so I am taking as many liberties as I can this evening before the frisson of grammatical rebellion wears off.]

I have intended to overhaul this blog for sometime now and part of what was putting me off posting was my complete and utter failure at mastering CSS – not something to which one can readily admit given the current taste for social media. Every time I looked at my dashboard my heart would sink and I’d sign out faster than you can say Twitter.  If you blog yourself I am sure you will recognise that feeling.

However, onwards and upwards as they say. This is a new year abounding with virtual possibilities, even if they do come via Elance. So in that spirit I leave you with a few shots taken over the past month or so, to keep you going.

Firstly Christmas in beautiful Suffolk where at this time of year the landscape seems to exist in a series of horizontal planes, both inside 17th-century cottages where right angles are few:

And out on the fields, where,  if it is not reeds, it is barley and wheat that grow on the county’s expanses (can you sense my shivering in the blur of this picture?):

And even in the vegetable garden…if you squint your eyes a bit:

And then onto a hoar-frost, taken before Gloucestershire received buckets of snow and while I was still enchanted by the ice and the cold.

And another couple for good measure:




One Response to “New year, new start”

  1. Marina January 13, 2011 at 2:44 am #

    Oh Viv, just thrilled to see you back! And what a gorgeous selection of photos. Love the little shelf of jugs and pots … minor obsession of mine. Ah, and the lovely symmetry of that row of trees … and the berries. And and and …

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