“4 Early” To The Prevention And Treatment Of Gastric Cancer


“4 Early” To The Prevention And Treatment Of Gastric Cancer

Gastric cancer is one of the most common cancers which threaten human life. The incidence of gastric cancer is rising gradually with age, the middle-aged and elderly people suffer from gastric cancer 1 time higher than young people. If we do “4 early”, the incidence of gastric cancer can be significantly reduced.

Early prevention

Gastric cancer is closely related to people’s bad life behavior and living habits. As long as we maintain good health mentality, attention to eating health, have a reasonable diet, have no smoking or alcohol, do appropriate exercises, and scientific arrange our lives, we can prevent gastric cancer effectively. Unhygienic diet is a key pathogenic factor in gastric cancer. Salted, smoked, fried foods contain strong carcinogenic substances such as benzopyrene. Some stale foods can produce aflatoxin which has a strong carcinogenesis function. Vegetables shelved for too long, will produce nitrite under the function of bacterium, can be transformed into a strong carcinogen nitrosamine, which results in gastric cancer. So we should change the bad eating habits, pay attention to the reasonable and balanced diet, eat more foods rich in vitamin, trace element, protein and cellulose.

Early detection

To achieve early detection of gastric cancer, first way is general survey of the healthy crowd, the other depends on people’s vigilance and understanding of early symptom to gastric cancer. There are no peculiar symptoms and obvious physical signs in early gastric cancer. However, if there has a long time abdominal pain, loss of appetite, weight loss with unknown causes, we should go to the hospital in time to do fiber gastroscopy. Some people have a sudden appearance of black tar-like stools without any discomfort should have an examination immediately.

Early diagnosis

Fiber gastroscopy is the most important method in early diagnosis of gastric cancer. Now skilled doctors can find very little pathological changes under the advanced fibrous gastroscopes.

Early treatment

Once diagnosed as gastric cancer, must have an early treatment. A comprehensive treatment is necessary, such as surgical treatment, chemotherapy, immune therapy, chinese medicine treatment, psychological treatment. The 5-year survival rate of gastric cancer can be up to 80%-90% with an early treatment.

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