I am a writer and editor specialising in simpler living, interiors, gardening and a little travel.  Coming from South Africa and having a background in geography, I also keep an eye on issues affecting sub-Saharan Africa and developing economies in general.

Text and photographs have appeared in major national newspapers and magazines, both in Britain and South Africa, and I have proofed and edited content for a range of publications and institutions.

Like many people, I have notebooks full of threads of ideas and interests. This blog contains some of those thoughts and many others besides, not least extra material from whatever I’ve been working on, or things that I’ve dug up or done that don’t fit in anywhere else. All  are linked, loosely, by a sense of place, and the small interactions between people, plants and the planet – the earth at work.

The result, I guess, is that you’re as likely to find a note on susbsistence farming as you are something on fabric printing or, thankfully rather less often, my own somewhat ridiculous attempts at homemaking (read as many interiors magazines as I do and you too will find piping bags/florists’ Oasis/paint shades strangely compelling).

If you’d like to contact me,  you’re welcome to email girlfromtheriver (at) gmail.com. Or follow me on twitter: @earthatwork.

Thanks for visiting.

Vivienne Hambly

One Response to “About”

  1. stoffelallan July 19, 2012 at 5:33 am #

    Hey Viv
    Great blog, I am in awe of your writing. Started reading a post at the airport and before I knew it I was going on to my 4th post and the air hostesses were tapping their feet and looking at me pointedly as I scrambled to gather my stuff and board the plane.
    I often spend time in the midlands of KZN at my mother on laws farm and have passed many caffeine hours at Cafe Bloom. Give us a heads up next time you are passing through!
    Till then, keep well

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