Cilafil Review: Prescription-Only Sildenafil by Mibe GmbH Pharmaceuticals


Cilafil Review: Prescription-Only Sildenafil by Mibe GmbH Pharmaceuticals

Cilafil Review

Brand: Cilafil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Mibe GmbH Pharmaceuticals

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Cilafil Tablets Image

Review and Description

Cilafil 100 milligrams tablets are generic sildenafil substitutes for the omnipresent Pfizer brand Viagra. They are produced to provide erectile dysfunction treatment to men suffering from the sexual problems accruable to impotence and erectile dysfunction. Their chemical and pharmacological constitution is also similar to Viagra. Sildenafil citrate is the main active ingredient which eases smooth muscle contraction and dilates the blood vessels after that to quicken blood flow. First, sildenafil citrate works to counteract phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibition of cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Once this happens, a greater amount of cGMP focuses on easing smooth muscle contraction in the cavernosum. Following the muscle relaxation, vasodilation of blood vessels takes place – a process that quickens the flow of blood. Quicker blood flow will mean harder penile erections in Cilafil consumers.

Cilafil is developed and circulated by Mibe GmbH Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of German pharmaceutical enterprise Demapharm. Demapharm was established in 1991, and has had its headquarters in Green Forest near Munich since 1998. It has two other branches in Austria and Switzerland, but distributes most of its generic products in Germany. The company has a major focus on dermatological preparations and preparations to combat allergies even developing specialized medications for those purposes. Mibe GmbH Pharmaceuticals is a German company with the most registered trademarks.

Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews for Cilafil 100 milligrams tablets on the internet. This is definitely not unconnected with the fact that the medication is marketed as a prescription-only medication. We have made it a matter of necessity to go on the internet and hunt for any available customer feedback to discuss here with you. Let us be clear about one thing. Prescription-only medications rarely if ever have any relevant customer reviews on the pages of online suppliers. So, you would be wrong to expect customer assessments of Cilafil 100 milligrams tablets. If you have purchased prescription- only medications in the past that had reviews, you were very fortunate. For the purpose of this review, we believe Mibe GmbH Pharmaceuticals have must have earned enough public trust to be able to own all of those registered trademarks. That doesn’t give us much else to say about Cilafil sildenafil popularity though.

Pricing and Dosage

Cilafil is a generic sildenafil drug that is prepared in 100mg tablets only. It is marketed as a prescription-only medication. We succeeded in capturing a translation of the price information for Cilafil from a German-language site.

The screen grab above gives us the price including 10% VAT for 12 pcs of Cilafil 100mg as €46

The screen grab above gives us the price including 10% VAT for 12 pcs of Cilafil 100mg as €46.60. That is about $52.20, slightly more than twice the average cost of a pill of Viagra which costs $24.83. Certainly affordable. The prescribed dosage is one tablet per day.

How to Buy Cilafil Online

Cilafil 100 milligrams tablets are rarely available in few stores online. If you are used to buying generics that require a prescription, this should come as no surprise. In the handful of stores where Cilafil is available you can get it for the price above. That is 12 pills of Cilafil are typically sold for 52.20 US dollars at a rate of $4.34 per pill. Shipping information hardly varies among these select few stores. The most common shipping method is free airmail.

How to Use

Oral intake with the aid of pure water is the prescribed method of administering Cilafil. Chewing tablets prior to consumption will only hinder the efficiency so swallow whole. Foods with high-fat content and meals including alcoholic beverages or grapefruit juice should be suspended before or after Cilafil intake. These will similarly hinder effectiveness. The maximum recommended dose depending on efficacy and toleration is one dose of 100 milligrams per day. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Side Effects

There are side effects which do not occur often and are not that serious and others which occur only rarely but when they do they are more acute. The adverse effects that can be grouped in the former class include the following: Back pain, dyspepsia, temporary color blindness, hives, headaches and dizziness. Side effects in the latter group include shortness of breath and Oedema of the lips, face, hands and feet. The latter symptoms must be reported to a doctor once observed.

Conclusion with Rating

Cilafil is one of a growing number of prescription-only common sildenafil medications that is intended to carry out the role of brand Viagra by treating impotence and erectile dysfunction satisfactorily. As is the case with the majority of prescription-only generic medicines there were no reviews on the net to share with prospective users after we did the customary search. These tablets which are available only in 100 milligrams specification are produced by Mibe GmbH Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of the larger Demapharm, an enterprise based just outside Munich in Green Forest. We tried and succeeded in picking out some German-language pharmacy stores that offer the medication. You won’t be able to get them on your preferred online store since Cilafil is limited to the German market and a few other European stores. In light of the foregoing, we are only able to give Cilafil 2 out of 5 stars based on available information. Please consult with your doctor before intake.

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