Female Hair Loss


Female Hair Loss

There are many “legends” about female hair loss causes. A few people believe that hair loss in women is caused by hats and wigs.

Other thinkhair lossis a good indication of anenergetic brain, an over combing or brushing and afrequently washing of the hair. Althoughhair loss’s women causes differ from person to person,if you understand thecommonand real causes of female hair loss,you will be able to find theway to treat or offer solutions and treatments to hair loss problems.

The fundamental questions are: what causes hair loss in woman and how to treat it?

What are the characteristics of this health and appearance problem? Is there any remedy, medicine or treatment?

The truth is hair loss in females can have many reasons. Research shows that the male hormone, androgen is responsible for triggering the alopecia gene. Unfortunately, women as well as men have this gene. We are born with it.

Other causes may be the same with men’s like poor diet, too much tension and enlarged thyroid gland. Anyway, there are some conditions that are just female reasons for hair loss.

To be more exact when it is about hair loss it is not complete baldness, but it actually is hair thinning. It is the hair thinning and not the hair loss that makes the woman consult a professional to identify the cause of the problem.

Baldness inmales is a terrible experience but it is socially acceptable. Even thought some men have full head of hair they shave their heads in order to change their experience. But things are different for women. There are few bald women and hair loss is traumatic experience for them.

The basic reason for hair loss is the hormonal change in the body. Some states like pregnancy, menopause or even starting or discontinuing birth control pills have effect on hormones. In such cases hair loss or thinning away may change in a period of up to three months. Then some time will be needed or even a year of the hair to re-grow again.

Another factor for hair loss could be diet. The diets of females to loose wait can be disastrous. In order to prevent hair loss and lose weight you have to avoid strict diets. You have to improve your lifestyle with regular exercise, eat many fresh fruit, vitamins and vegetable and drink more water.

Another thing that may help stop hair loss is scalp massaging. It increases and stimulates the blood flow to follicles by.

You have to know that even though female hair loss is worrying and upsetting experience there are many organizations that can help. It may be troublesome but it is permanent situation and the sooner you identify the cause the sooner you will start treating it.

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