Juvigor Review: Uruguayan Sildenafil Medication Without Reviews


Juvigor Review: Uruguayan Sildenafil Medication Without Reviews

Juvigor Review

Brand: Juvigor

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Lab. Roux-Ocefa SA

Country of Manufacture: Uruguay

Juvigor Package/Tablets Image

Review and Description

Juvigor is a generic therapeutic twin of brand Viagra which is applicable for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and a product of Lab.Roux-Ocefa SA. A pharmaceutical company that derives its name from its founding father who is a renowned chemical pharmacist in Argentina, France, and the world at large. The French descent who dared to set-up a pharmaceutical research institute and Foundation solidified his career in 1935 and managed the company till his final breath in 1975. His legacy continued, and the company has about seventy pharmaceutical products in most of the available ailments. It has the responsibility of providing excellent services and nurturing a healthy society with the assistance of its highly motivated medical team. The then leading’ pharmaceutical company in Argentina before his air moved it to Uruguay twas believed to have been influencing the local and international market for some decades. Unfortunately, it ended up suffering some managerial problems which paved its way to bankruptcy and a tarnished reputation.

Juvigor is presented as a dual strip of coated tablets containing 50mg of the active ingredient which is Sildenafil citrate. It works by enhancing the smooth muscle relaxation of the male sexual reproductive organ precisely the penis. This superior efficiency in the relaxation of the penile muscles leads to an increased blood flow thus resulting to a hard and enviable erectility that reverses the symptoms of impotence. The medication is consumed orally, and it is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream with a lasting impression of up to four and a half hours.  It should be consumed an hour before the strategized sexual experience with the normal arousal procedurals in place to increase its efficacy,

Customer Reviews

It is with the aim of drawing emphasis which we all know is a powerful tool in driving a point home that I choose to remind you of the infamous Lab.Roux-Ocefa SA. The manufacturing plant behind Juvigor drew its pride from a versatile range of products with the aim of eradicating common ailments which are enemies of good health before it suffered insolvency. Despite having had a maximum rating of its products and enormous reviews the narration is different for Juvigor which lacks consumer remarks on the internet. One would argue that its chances of it being a reap-off are limited, but my counter argument is that the risk of getting disappointed is too huge to ignore. How else can you tell that its potency rises above graciously reviewed impotencies such as Kamagra and suhagra if not from the invaluable user feedbacks? Who is willing to test the waters by testing its efficiency by one’s health and money? Well not me, and I hope it won’t be you.

Pricing and Dosage

Juvigor 50mg tablet is a small blue pill in a bi-pack that is recommended to be consumed within 48 hours, in other words, one should take a pill per day. It is available on the internet pharmacies among them being (live-drugstore.com) where it is sold at an average price of $ 9.11 per 100mg pill.

The standard tag on the same tablet tends to read a lower monetary value which goes for as low as $ 3

The standard tag on the same tablet tends to read a lower monetary value which goes for as low as $ 3.92 for clients who buy up to a hundred and twenty tablets. The e-pharmacy offers free airmail delivery for customers who order forty-eight (48) pills while those who purchase above that enjoy an express courier, traceable mode of transportation free of charge. The latter takes an approximated delivery span of a week unlike the former which double or triples that period.

How to Buy Juvigor Online

Juvigor is widely available in a majority of online stores and to share in your interest to possess the drug a sample of stores which display this medication are but not limited to (Live-drugstore.com, pharmacymall.net, and canadaphrmacy24h.com). One would be right to say that it has a good market coverage that has surpassed the borders of its home country and what is more is its affordability. Most of these stores utilize the standard airmail shipping service and the express mail delivery with an average shipping cost of $ 10 and $ 20 respectively. As a replacement that won the hearts of the clients around the globe, we are gladly recommending Fildena that is widely available and very reasonably priced.



How to Use

Juvigor 50mg is recommended as a standard dose for rookies which can later be increased to 100mg or decreased to 25mg with experience. The pill should be taken once daily with the avoidance of fatty-foods and alcohol beverage which reduces its efficacy.  It should be consumed an hour before the planned sexual experience succeeded by the regular sexual stimulation. To optimize its effectiveness. The medication should be only be taken by a mature male who has reached the age of 18 years and should be kept away from children.

Side Effects

Several treatments have undesirable symptoms, and those of Juvigor are clustered into that is mild side effects and moderate ones. The former is inclusive of flushing, nasal congestion, skin rash, dizziness, and headaches while the later includes depression, shock. Insomnia, chills, and pains calling for an immediate intervention by a certified doctor. The less severe effects might not be a cause for alarm but if they persist a medic should be consulted.

Conclusion with Rating

Juvigor is a generic alternative of brand Viagra and a product of Lab.Roux-ocefa SA a manufacturing plant in Uruguay. It is applied for impotence and works by enhancing the smooth relaxation of penile muscles to increase its erectility. Its manufacturer is renowned for the quality and myriad of its pharmaceuticals in the local and international markets for some decades albeit it ended up with an antonym of its reputation. Juvigor lacks reviews making it difficult to weigh its potency compared to that of its substitutes. I, therefore, grant it 2-stars out of a possible five and appeal for medical advice before taking the drug.

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