Nor-Vibrax Review: Generic Brand That Hasn’t Been Tried by Patient’s Yet Due to Limited Availability! 


Nor-Vibrax Review: Generic Brand That Hasn’t Been Tried by Patient’s Yet Due to Limited Availability! 


Brand: Nor-vibrax

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Teramed Laboratories

Country of Manufacture: El Salvador’s

Nor-Vibrax Package Image

Review and Description

Nor-Vibrax is a medication that works in the same way as Viagra, as it constitutes of 100 mg Sildenafil Citrate and relieves the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that is common among men. Stress, age, and sedentary lifestyle contribute to it majorly. Erectile dysfunction takes place in the male body because of the action of a chemical called phosphodiesterase type-5. This chemical’s surge in the blood means that the cGMP levels go down. Blood doesn’t flow into the penis properly and erection either doesn’t happen or is weak. Sildenafil restricts the action of phosphodiesterase type-5, improves cGMP levels and the overall flow of blood in the body. This also means a better and unhindered supply of blood to the penis, lessening of tension in the penile muscles, and the onset of a stronger and longer-lasting erection in the ED patient. The same medication can also address another condition called pulmonary hypertension sometimes.

Teramed Laboratories has been manufacturing Nor-Vibrax. It is based in El Salvador. Not much information is available about it online. One does know that Tecnoquímicas, which happens to be Colombia’s largest pharmaceutical company, purchased Teramed Laboratories for $30 million sometimes back.

Customer Reviews

There are no reviews found online for Nor-Vibrax which makes it hard for us to judge its effectiveness. Nor-Vibrax might have not been properly promoted by its manufacturer or has been very new, or it may have been produced on a limited scale. Thus, one cannot say for sure why Nor-Vibrax hasn’t caught the attention of consumers. Information provided about a particular erectile dysfunction medicine is accurate, as pharmaceutical companies usually provide broad guidelines. Different people respond to medicines differently. Based on their tolerance, the side effects’ extent also differs. However, user reviews are more candid and impartial and cover just about everything one needs to know about that medicine before trying it, so they know what they can expect. Since there is no user-related data found about Nor-Vibrax, we don’t know what it does to improve erectile dysfunction issues. Hence, we would advise consumers looking for Nor-Vibrax to seek other options that have more established understanding in the form of user reviews.

Pricing and Dosage

Nor-Vibrax comes in the single formulation of 100 mg.

The price of one pill of Nor-Vibrax is 29

The price of one pill of Nor-Vibrax is 29.99 Salvadoran that is, around $3.43. For a generic brand, the price of Nor-Vibrax seems to be a bit high. It appears that one pill can be purchased, as opposed to buying a minimum amount, but this may differ from one pharmacy to another. A 100 mg dose is enough for a one time use. Alternatively, those who respond well to a 50 mg dose can divide the 100 mg pill and make two doses out of a single tablet. But one cannot take more than 100 mg of Nor-Vibrax in 24 hours.

How to Buy Nor-Vibrax Online

Nor-Vibrax appears to have almost nonexistent availability online, as with the exception of one, there appear to be no online pharmacies selling it. It seems probable that this brand is either not meant for sale internationally, or it is not being promoted properly by the manufacturer. It can be a slight possibility that Nor- Vibrax is sold locally in El Salvador in local pharmacies. For international customers, Fildena is a great substitute for Nor-Vibrax.

How to Use

One should take Nor Vibrax with some water but should refrain from dissolving it in water. It should not be taken with food, as it may hamper the absorption of Sildenafil in it in the blood. Sildenafil also doesn’t respond well to people who may take Nor-Vibrax with alcohol. It comes only in a single formulation and can be used in a lower dose by dividing one tablet into a half; however, one’s doctor is able to determine the correct dose required by a patient. Overdosing in any case is not advisable as it may cause serious side effects.

Side Effects

Although Sildenafil in medicines like Nor-Vibrax is very effective for treating erectile dysfunction, they can cause temporary side effects or irritations like a headache, stuffed nose or ears, mild diarrhea, and some redness on face and body in some cases and in sensitive patients. These issues are minor and subside on their own. But in case the user experiences tightening in the chest, migraine, vomits, passes out, experiences an excessively long and prolonged erection, then these symptoms should never be taken lightly and immediate treatment should be sought at a hospital.

Conclusion with Rating

Nor-Vibrax is a generic brand constituting 100 mg Sildenafil that is meant for treating male sexual issues like erectile dysfunction. Nor-Vibrax is a product of Teramed Laboratories, a pharmaceutical based in El Salvador. However, hardly any information is available for Teramed Laboratories. Same is the case with Nor-Vibrax. Nor-Vibrax is also not found to be easily acquirable from online pharmacies. Or maybe the manufacturer of Nor-Vibrax didn’t intend to promote and sell Nor-Vibrax on an international level and has meant to keep it for sale in local pharmacies in El Salvador only. More importantly, there aren’t users who appear to have given Nor-Vibrax a try and recounted their impressions in the form testimonial. So we don’t know how effective Nor-Vibrax is in solving erectile dysfunction issues in males. Lack of information, coupled with lack of easy availability of Nor-Vibrax, has made us assign only 1 star to it out of 5. There are lots of other generic brands which have been tried by other consumers with much success and which are much more easily available than Nor-Vibrax.

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