Pharmacy Mall Review – Network with Integrity Both in Products and Service


Pharmacy Mall Review – Network with Integrity Both in Products and Service

Pharmacy Mall is not just one single store as most of us may have thought of before. It is actually a network of online drugstores named “Pharmacy Mall”—shops with the same appearance but with different domain names or web addresses. This may sound confusing, but these stores, although with separate web addresses are only working for one main company.

Even if Pharmacy Mall stores are many, they only aim to gather traffic or orders then forward them to a main processing website. Buyers should not feel apprehensive about network drugstores like Pharmacy Mall since they are fully licensed, legitimate, and are all operating for the benefit of customers all around the world.

Pharmacy Mall Home Page
Pharmacy Mall Home Page

Pharmacy Mall Website – Hair Loss Page

Using network drugstores is just like using independent online pharmacies. Customers can be confident that these online pharmacies are also able to deliver the service they wanted since shops like Pharmacy Mall stores are some of the most affordable places to shop medicines from. There are a lot of benefits to using the Pharmacy Mall network besides the cost-effectiveness, but there is one risk that customers will have to consider while using Pharmacy Mall or any other network drugstore. Customers need to understand that network pharmacies, as safe as they are, are subject to scammer cloning. Scammers tend to clone otherwise safe and legitimate online pharmacies so that they appear real and reel in customers.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Customer testimonials for Pharmacy Mall reviews were positive about the network’s performance during the past years. Here are some of the buyer comments for Pharmacy Mall we came across on the web:

Pharmacy Mall Testimonials
Pharmacy Mall Testimonials

Testimonials for Pharmacy Mall Network Shops

Most of the buyers of Pharmacy Mall stores were happy with the shops’ prices for the medicines. Customers actually sought Pharmacy Mall for this reason, to save more in their medicine costs without compromising on their medicines’ quality.

One of the buyers mentioned that the medicines on the Pharmacy Mall he used were affordable. In his own words, he mentioned that the medicines on Pharmacy Mall were “cheap and good”.

Another customer commended the store for its helpful service and emphasized that had not encountered a shop as good as this Pharmacy Mall website in particular. Here are the good points the user identified for the Pharmacy Mall shop he used:

  • Website is very easy to use
  • The shop had the popular medicines he’s looking for
  • Prices were cheaper compared to prices from other pharmacies

Overall, customer mentions and references to Pharmacy Mall shops were positive, reinforcing the desirability of Pharmacy Mall shops.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Honestly, there is nothing awe-inspiring about the Pharmacy Mall shops. They are quite plain looking and if you’re not interested in purchasing cheap medicines, you probably won’t give these stores a second look. However, despite the modest façade of these Pharmacy Mall stores, they are reliable and are better than most online drugstores on the market today.

The company Pharmacy Mall started in 1997 and is still strong up to this day. We don’t know how this network does it, but it appears that its reliable service and quality products set it apart from its more enticing online pharmacy counterparts. According to Pharmacy Mall, it has served over a million buyers in the past years, which indicates that these meager-looking stores are actually popular amongst buyers.

As we investigated on Pharmacy Mall shops, we discovered that these stores, despite their simple templates, stocked a full range of various generic and brand name products. Although medicines for erectile dysfunction took first place on the website main page, the stores actually offered more products for their buyers to choose from. Customers were given the choices for the following medicines:

  • Blood pressure medicines
  • Heart treatments
  • Skin care products
  • Fertility medicines
  • Men and women’s health products
  • Pain relief
  • …plus others more

Customers were able to purchase all of the medicines on Pharmacy Mall without scripts because the stores did not stock dangerous medicines (habit-forming medicines). However, buyers were still advised to consult their doctors before trying out medicines from Pharmacy Mall shops to safeguard their health.

Since all of the Pharmacy Mall websites are “one”, they offer the same shipping options—the regular shipping option and the express shipping option. Customers can choose between the $10 and the $20 shipping—naturally, the cheaper option takes longer and the more expensive option is faster.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Although Pharmacy Mall shops look simple, they are more advantageous to use than other online pharmacies due to their enticing customer deals. Pharmacy Mall stores offer conditional free shipping for their buyers—customers can have their orders shipped for free if their orders exceed $200.

Pharmacy Mall Discount Offers
Pharmacy Mall Discount Offers

Free Shipping and Free Pills Promo

Besides the free shipping, Pharmacy Mall shops are also granting free pills with every order—regardless of buyer order size slash amount.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Code
Pharmacy Mall Coupon Code

Coupon Code for Pharmacy Mall Buyers

Apart from the freebies mentioned above, customers of Pharmacy Mall are also offered a coupon code which entitles them to an additional 5% discount on their orders, regardless of the discounts they were already given. Using the code BJ-9114 during checkout, buyers can have an additional 5% off their total purchase.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Contacting Pharmacy Mall shops is a breeze considering the stores already have a dedicated messaging option available for their buyers. Customers interested in real-time customer support can also use the numbers posted in the stores (+4420-3239-7092 or +1-718-487-9792) for their inquiries.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

It is great that Pharmacy Mall stores have not been involved in illegal activities like spam emailing or calling, unlike most online pharmacies of today. Buyers can be confident of shopping safely on Pharmacy Mall stores since these shops uphold buyer privacy.


Pharmacy Mall shops may not be the most impressive stores in the market, but they sure are highly recommendable due to their integrity both in service and their products. This network merits a 5 out of 5 score, but buyers be warned, many illegal operators may mimic this network’s shops, so customers need to be extra careful.

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