S Film Tablet Review: Look For Alternative ED Drugs and Avoid This Unproven Drug


S Film Tablet Review: Look For Alternative ED Drugs and Avoid This Unproven Drug

S Film Tablet Review

Brand: S Film Tablet

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Delvin Formulations Pvt Ltd

Country of Manufacture: India

S Film Tablet Package Image

Review and Description

S Film tablet is a medication used by men who have the problem called sexual impotence also referred to as erectile dysfunction. S FILM falls in a category of drugs called phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. What these drugs do is that they inhibit an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type-5. They ensure that the enzyme doesn’t work too fast. The effects of the enzyme are felt in the penis. Erectile dysfunction is the situation where the penis does not become erect when the man is sexually stimulated. When sexually stimulated, a man’s body response is to increase the flow of blood to the penis to give an erection. By inhibiting the enzyme, the drug helps to keep an erection when the penis has been stroked. Before any physical contact to the penis, that will stimulate the man sexually, S FILM does not cause an erection. S FILM can be used in both genders to treat some of the symptoms of pulmonary arterial hypertension. The condition is a kind of high blood pressure that takes place between the lungs and heart. The active ingredient is responsible for inhibiting the PDE5 enzyme thus relaxing blood vessels in the lungs. An increased supply of blood in the lungs will consequently reduce the stress subjected to the heart. This particular drug is only available after a prescription from a qualified doctor is submitted.

Delvin Formulation private LTD is a company that manufactures basic chemicals established on 24th July 2009. This is a certified non-government company after undergoing scrutiny from agencies mandated to regulate the pharmaceutical industry in India. This company has a wide range of products on different categories listed on their site. One of their products is the S Film tablet. My assumption is that the company adheres to the importance of maintaining high-quality standards bearing in mind that they are an accredited company. However, to cast doubts out of my mind, I sort for customer reviews on this particular medication as a precautionary measure.

Customer Reviews

Normally, you will find a detailed description of a drug on the vendor’s website and a couple of customer reviews. Customer reviews are testimonials of experiences they get from using a particular drug or services offered. A medication efficacy can be measured by reading such reviews. I was unlucky to find any sort of reviews on this brand whatsoever. The absence of this crucial piece of information left me with questions lingering in my mind. This made me question the authenticity of the manufacturer and the quality of drugs they offered. Devin Formulation private LTD does not have reviews on the different products they manufactured. I highly recommend that customers should search for drugs from proven companies for quality medicines.

Pricing and Dosage

S FILM is available in form of tablets or pills.1 pill is composed of 50mg of sildenafil. An adult is recommended to take one 50mg tablet in a day. S Film is cheap compared to other brand names in India. 1 strip containing 30 tablets is priced at ₹885 which is equal to ₹29 per tablet. Please check how your currency exchanging rates compare to the India rupee i.e. ₹1 is equivalent to $ 13.853.

How to Buy S Film Tablet Online

How to Buy S Film Tablet Online

Most of ED drugs can be procured via the internet with just a click of a button. S Film Tablet is widely available in pharmacies located in India. You can place an order for this particular drug from medplusmart.com but this drug appears to have been sold out.

It’s recommendable that you always research on the online pharmacy offering the alternative generic drugs before buying to avoid being duped by rogue companies. Pay attention to the shipping policies available before to order from. Ensure that products delivered are the drugs you ordered and in good condition. We can recommend Fildena as a substitution to S Film Tablet that is offered by canadapharmacy24h and pharmacymall drugshops.



How to Use

Before using this drug, seek advice from a qualified doctor. Normally, an adult is recommended to take one 50mg tablet once per day. It’s administered orally by swallowing with water. You can either crush it or break it. Patients with any existing medical complications such as chronic heart conditions are forbidden to use the drug. Patients who have an upcoming surgery procedure should also refrain from using S Film Tablet. While using this medication you are advised to avoid taking alcohol or get involved in operating heavy machinery in case they experience side effects. However, a qualified physician may increase or decrease the dosage based on the response of a specific individual to a drug.

Side Effects

There a possible side effects that could arise from using this drug. Although, the effects are not a common occurrence some patients could experience mild or severe side effects. Some of the minor side effects include headache, dizziness, stuffy nose, nausea among others. Other unusual serious effects are such as visual disorders, red faces etc. Even though you are bound to experience some side effects when using drugs, it is worthwhile that you consult your doctor prior using the drug or when these side effects persist.

Conclusion with Rating

S Film tablet is an ED drug that is used to treat impotence in both men and women. This medication is sold in form of 50 mg tablets. The recommended dosage for S Film tablet is one 50mg tablet per day preferably taken before engaging in sexual activities. Customer reviews are not available thus the efficiency of this drug can be questioned. Additionally, the manufacturer of this drug trustworthiness is also problematic since very little is known about them. Finally, patients should seek help from a physician to be advised on the alternative ED drugs instead of buying this unproven drug. For this reason, I rate S Film tablet giving it 1 out of 5.

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