TexasChemist Review: Get Increasing Discounts on Your Prescription Drugs


TexasChemist Review: Get Increasing Discounts on Your Prescription Drugs


TexasChemist is one of the longs serving online drugstore network with over ten years of offering pharmaceutical services to the residents of the United States. The network conducts its operations through Texaschemist.org and Texaschemist-online.com websites. These webs have a similar physical appearance when you look at their homepage and it would be hard for a customer to differentiate between the different websites. The products stocked are similar too and regardless of the website that the client chooses to buy from, he will pay the same price for the drugs.

Texas Chemist is a legitimate network that has been duly licensed by the US government to offer pharmaceutical services. It has also been verified by the bodies that regulate how online pharmacies operate and anyone who wishes to buy medications from the websites affiliated to the network can do so confidently. There should be caution as rogue online pharmacies may use the homepage that is similar to that of Texas Chemist as a way of convincing customers to buy from them.

The network is also concerned about maintaining the privacy of their customers and this is why they have chosen GeoTrust and McAfee to handle the security of the website. This means that no other person can be able to access the private information submitted without the consent of the network.

TexasChemist Reviews

There are numerous customer feedbacks from clients whose prescriptions have been processed by Texas Chemist network and all of them are positive. Carlos says that the services offered are excellent which enabled him to purchase his medications in no time and was able to attend to other sensitive tasks as well. As a result, he has recommended the network to his colleagues at his place of work and his partners as well. James is also appreciative of the fact that he received drugs that were of the same quality as the drugs that he had been buying from a local pharmacy. He is also glad that he only paid a fraction of what the drugs would have cost him at a local pharmacy where he could not afford to pay the high cost of the medications.

Texas Chemist Customer Reviews

U Geilert is grateful that he was able to receive his order within a very short time. He says that the drugs were just as the network had promised though he is yet to test them. In his closing comment, he adds that if the products will be as good as the delivery, he will be a customer for a very long time.

Texas Chemist does not waste time once a customer has paid for the medications to ensure that the delivery is made as soon as possible and the above testimonials are enough proof. It is also notable that the quality of the medications that a customer will get is the same as those that a local pharmacy dispenses.

TexasChemist Online

To access the services of Texas Chemist network, you can either use Texaschemist.org or Texaschemist-online.com web addresses. This may be confusing to the customers as there is no way they can tell the website they are dealing with since they all look alike. It is important to note that the websites have been verified and licensed by the federal government and every drug dispensed is legitimate and will effectively treat the illnesses for which they will be prescribed.

When you access any of the websites that are linked to Texas Chemist, you will come across a lineup of all the medications that are sold on the network. This makes it easy for the customers as they will not have to go through the trouble of searching for the drugs using a search box. The drugs list is also inclusive of the prices which make it even easier to purchase the medications without wasting time.

Texas Chemist requires a prescription to dispense some of the medications which should be faxed before the order is processed. This is to ensure that a customer will get only what will work best for him according to the doctor’s views on examining him.

The prices of medications very low since most of the drugs sold are generics which will only cost a fraction of what the brand medications cost. This is the main reason why most of the customers who cannot afford to buy their medications in a local pharmacy can comfortably pay for the drugs at Texas Chemist. The drugs have been tested by FDA and proven that they will not cause any harm to the people taking them and you, therefore, do not have any reason to be afraid of taking them.

TexasChemist Coupon Codes

Texas Chemist cares for the welfare of their customers and this is why they have a trial erectile dysfunction pack that contains Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. The pills are sold at a discounted price and will provide a person suffering from ED with a chance to test all the brands and then order the most effective among them.

By looking at the table below, you will notice that the price will get lower when one buys a bigger trial pack. A person who will purchase 30 tablets will pay $4 per pill and the one who chooses to buy 90 tablets will pay $2 for every pill. A bigger discount will be offered to a person who is buying in bulk.

Photo of a Shopping Cart

Texas Chemist Phone Numbers

Texas Chemist works hard to ensure that no customer will be unable to talk to them due to lack of a recharge card. They have provided a toll-free contact number, 1-702-965-3395, that will be used to talk to a customer service representative. There is also a live support online where one will be able to pass a written message and a response will be sent as soon as possible.

Texas Chemist Phone Number

Texas Chemist Spam and Phone Calls

On searching the web, no incidence has reported in regards to Texas Chemist sending spam emails or making unnecessary calls. This is impressive as the only contact made with the customers is when there is need to clarify an issue or to provide an update regarding the order.


For the ten years that Texas Chemist has been in operation, they have been faithful to their customers by ensuring that they get the right drugs within the shortest possible duration. All the websites that are affiliated with the network conduct their activities in a professional manner and deserves a 5* rating for this.

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